Have You Discovered Your Inner Artist ?

Art For People School
Community Outreach
Staged Performances

Art For People offers a way for everyone from all walks of life to get involved in the performing arts -- music, dance and theater - using an innovative tri-platform approach that integrates the community with art and artists. Whether it is through our community outreach program, our performing arts school, or the staged performances, the result brings people together to celebrate our humanity through the performing arts, and creates opportunities to develop physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
It is not only about learning to dance, or sing or act. It is about the artist inside each of us, and how that artist will enhance our lives, and the communities in which we live.

Art For People School

Haven't you always felt that there is an artist inside of you, waiting to be unleashed? Art For People will nourish that part of you.

Add confidence

Relieve stress

Gain strength

Enhance your enjoyment and appreciation for
beauty and find art within yourself and all
those around you

Art For People Body Dynamics classes and workshops will show you how to use your body in your daily life, help you develop a consciousness and a way of seeing yourself in the world as an artist. Not only will you receive training in classes, but you will take home practical information and tools that will change your life, and the lives of everyone around you. Whether you have 5 minutes or all day, we can show you ways that you can make a difference.
Not everyone can raise the rafters like Pavarotti, but we all know how to sing in the shower - learn how to let your voice bring joy into the lives of others, and set your own spirit free.
We can't all leap and twirl like a Baryshnikov, but we certainly can move through our days with more style and grace, enjoy a better appreciation for our bodies and gain the confidence to celebrate a good feeling with a few smooth moves.
We won't all be compared to Olivier, but it's possible to take our own voice and use it to communicate our real desires and needs, to express ourselves with our bodies and to present ourselves exactly as we wish to be viewed. Why not feel as comfortable in front of the group as you do in the back of the room.
The entire spectrum of artists - the over-worked homemaker searching for grace in his life, the stressed out businesswoman wishing for a freer stage than the corporate arena - promising, passionate performing artists as well as the established, creatively ambitious performers - all are welcome to join. There is an artist in each of us!


Community Outreach
Art Uniting People - Art UP!

The quality of our lives is not measured by our economic development as much as by our creative development, not by how much we can use, but by how much we can give. We can improve the quality of life in our community one individual at a time. We all have something to contribute to humanity. As we develop our own identity more fully, we are able to share parts of ourselves in a spiritual and giving way that benefits us and others. Art For People is your opportunity to be a part of that.

Art UP!, Art For People's outreach program, strives to bring an appreciation of and connection to performing art into people's daily lives where it doesn't already exist, and to bring the community and the performing art world together in collaboration and understanding. The program creates and support projects that both bring the arts to marginalized, ignored and forgotten sectors of our community, as well as invites those members of the community with limited access to join the world of performing arts.

Performing art mentors and interested community members volunteer, based on their expertise and interest, to stage performances in our community, working with and performing for those members of our society with a keen interest, but lack of access to the arts. We will work with local schools, group homes, places of worship, retired living communities, hospitals, shelters - any community group with an interest in connecting through the arts.

By giving humane value to art and creativity, all our students and performing artists will have the opportunity to benefit the communities we live in, bringing about a more welcoming society by sharing the gifts of the creative spirit.

Find out about how to get involved in our new Art UP! mentoring program.

Staged Performances

At Art For People you will be involved in producing and promoting performances, which reflect the diversity of talent and ideas in the global artistic community, and enhance the lives and excite the minds of those who view them. Our philosophy of encouraging the artist in each of us to blossom and grow every day means no one's talents are insignificant.