Benefits & Services

What do we offer?
What Are the Benefits to Our Community?

We offer an innovative tri-platform approach to the performing arts - a community outreach programm, classes in performing arts to students, professional, and the general public, and dance, music and theater performances utilizing the talent of the entire community.

We provide an extensive and year-round (as opposed to seasonal) schedule of classes and performances and an unusually comprehensive program that includes cradle to stage nurturing of artists.

In addition to regular troupe and open classes in the three disciplines of the performing arts - music (voice), dance and theater:

specialized seminars and workshops

student and intern exchange programs

outreach programs, community performances

new work performances


staged readings

artist debuts

fully-staged productions

Our classes, workshops, seminars, outreach programs, cover:



how to use and incorporate art in our daily lives

use of technology in art, performance, technique, composition, choreography

technical production elements (lighting, set design, stage design, costumes, makeup)

Other services include original choreography, music composition, art direction, set and costume design, and full-scale dance, music and theater production.

Attention is given to providing the opportunity for personal and social growth to all participants through community service and outreach programs.


Greater appreciation of the arts by society in general,by integrating the artist, the performance and the members of the community, and by placing high value on community connections and building bridges throughout the community, friendship for life, integrity by doing the right thing, opportunity to excel, quality in all we do, fairness and respect to all.

Community service; by attaching value to the product created by the artists, and then providing that valued product to the community value
Individual personal growth/enhancement; by helping members of the general public get in touch with the artist within themselves
A place to grow and sustain creativity for artists; by combining young, raw talent with established, confident artists and allowing the merging of experience and exuberance to create a self-nurturing environment.
Increased interest in and access to the performing arts by the general public
Opportunity for performing artists to volunteer in their community
Stronger relationships between community groups and the performing arts community
Enhanced public pride in the community