Art Uniting People _ Art Up !

We know how difficult the past months have been for all Americans, and people the world over. Many of us are quite rightly focused on our need for the solace and comfort after the staggering world tragedy of September 11. Our sympathy for those affected is profound. Our admiration for those who displayed such courage is boundless. Our concern for the people involved in the continuing struggles around the world is ongoing. We all want to do our part to help, to contribute, to give something of ourselves to the cause of spiritual restoration.

As we unite, heal our wounds, and look for ways to express our common humanity, we need new and creative ways to reach out to our fellow human beings, our neighbors, our friends. We need to accept our vulnerability and rededicate ourselves to more positive means of human expression. Art For People is a new performing arts organization, dedicated to developing and nurturing the artist within, in order to enhance our lives, our relationships and the community in which we live. Through our community outreach programs, our performing arts school and staged performances, Art For People will build bridges to understanding and friendship between people from all walks of life.

Find a way to get involved in art uniting people today!

Community outreach programs begin in April 2011 and classes will begin September 2010.

How Can I Get Involved?
As Art For People begins its operations, we need volunteers to help us in the areas of:

information technology
web maintenance
office support and outreach
human resources

If you have expertise or interest in any of these areas, and are interested in a unique volunteer opportunity combining the performing arts and community service, contact us:

We hope you will join us. Your support of the Arts at this time sends a very powerful message to the world - that humanity and tolerance, communication and understanding, compassion and expression, grace and beauty, caring and sharing - that these are the vanguards of art and civilized people, and these are the qualities that will unite us all.