What ist the purpose of this organization ?
To teach the performing arts -- music, dance and theater -- to the public in a way that provides a public service to individuals and the community. To integrate the community with art and artists, bringing about understanding and a more humane society through sharing and mutual experience.

To promote a belief that art should be a part of our daily lives, that there is an artist inside each of us, and that by nourishing that part of ourselves, we will enhance our own lives, and the community at large. The organization is dedicated to developing and nurturing the entire spectrum of artists -- the promising, passionate performing artists as well as the established, creatively ambitious performing artists -- in an environment of daring and caring.

The goal is to produce and promote performances which reflect the diversity of talent and ideas in the global artistic community and which serve to enhance the lives and excite the minds of those who view them. We also intend to expose the general public to our philosophy and artistic model, encouraging everyone to incorporate art into their every day existence.

We strive to give value to art and creativity, so that it becomes incorporated into the daily lives of all people, both serious and recreational artists, as well as audience. We want it to be recognized as an essential element to living quality lives.

Our goal is to develop and sustain all our students and performing artists in a way that allows their work to benefit the communities they live in, bringing about a more humane society by sharing the gifts of the creative spirit. We promote the concept that the quality of our lives is not measured by our economic development as much as by our creative development, not by how much we can use, but by how much we can give.