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Responding to Tragedy
Art Uniting People - Art UP!

We know how difficult the past months have been for all Americans, and people the world over. Many of us are quite rightly focused on our need for the solace and comfort after the staggering world tragedy of September 11. Our sympathy for those affected is profound. Our admiration for those who displayed such courage is boundless. Our concern for the people involved in the continuing struggles around the world is ongoing. We all want to do our part to help, to contribute, to give something of ourselves to the cause of spiritual restoration.
As we unite, heal our wounds, and look for ways to express our common humanity, we need new and creative ways to reach out to our fellow human beings, our neighbors, our friends. We need to accept our vulnerability and rededicate ourselves to more positive means of human expression. Art For People is a new performing arts organization, dedicated to developing and nurturing the artist within, in order to enhance our lives, our relationships and the community in which we live. Through our community outreach programs, our performing arts school and staged performances, Art For People will build bridges to understanding and friendship between people from all walks of life.

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Now Hiring

Art For People is seeking talented and dedicated volunteers and staff members to enhance our management team. If you want to become part of a unique opportunity combining performing arts and community service, find out if we have a position for you. Volunteer Today

Art Uniting People! Art Up!

Art UP!, Art For People's community outreach program, strives to bring an appreciation of and connection to performing art into people's daily lives where it doesn't already exist. The program creates and supports projects that both bring the arts to marginalized, ignored and forgotten sectors of our community, as well as invite those members of the community with limited access to join the world of performing arts.
Beginning in the spring, in an innovative effort to bring people closer to the performing arts,
Art For People is partnering with community groups to pair professional and semi-professional members of the performing arts community - performers, directors, make-up artists, sound engineers, lighting technicians - to act as mentors, or "guides" to dance, theater and musical performances for people in the community with limited access to performing arts, but with a keen interest in learning more.

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The Curtain Opens on Art For People

On Saturday, September 15, 2001, in Washington, DC, the Art For People’ Founding Board gathered for its first official meeting to discuss the start of operations for this new Performing Arts organization. Art For People’ is emerging at a time when it is more important than ever to find new and creative ways to reach out to our fellow human beings. Art For People’ is dedicated to developing and nurturing the artist within all of us, in order to enhance each of our lives, our relationships, and the community in which we live.(Full Story)