Make A Donation

Please help Art For People bring art into the lives of every one, by encouraging the artist in each of us to blossom and grow every day, and to help each of us realize that we have something to contribute to humanity, and that we can do it through art.

Your willingness to support this movement we call Art For People will help develop the artist in all of us, and enhance the lives and excite the minds of everyone in our community.

Every donation is important to us, and will make a difference.

Donation Levels

Founders Arena - US$ 50,000 or above
Ovation Arena - US$ 20,000
Leadership Arena - US$ 10,000
Star Arena - US$ 5,000
Players Arena - US$ 2,000
Patrons - US$ 500
Supporters - US$ 100
Donors - US$ 5 - 99