Art Uniting People! Art UP!

Art UP! strives to bring an appreciation of and connection to performing art into people's daily lives where it doesn't already exist, and to bring the community and the performing art world together in collaboration and understanding. The program will create and support projects that both bring the arts to marginalized, ignored and forgotten sectors of our community, as well as invite those members of the community with limited access to join the world of performing arts.

How the Mentoring Program Works
Professional and semi-professional members of the performing arts community - from performer to director to make-up artist to lighting technician - act as mentors, or "guides" to dance, theater and musical performances for people in the community with limited access to performing arts, but with a keen interest in learning more.

Performing art mentors and interested community members are paired, based on their expertise and interest, to attend performances in our community. Local and visiting performing artists can volunteer to be mentors. Community members are identified from local schools, group homes, places of worship, retired living communities, hospitals, etc. Performance tickets are donated by participating local theaters and performing arts groups and centers.

After attending the performances, the pairs, or small groups, meet in coffee shops or cafes for facilitated group discussion, analysis, exposition and exploration. The community members learn from those who can knowledgeably explain the genre. The performing artists learn from fresh eyes and ears, and critically unencumbered attitude and viewpoint.

You will see posted here performances reviews that result from this fresh perspective.

How You Can Participate:
If you are a member of the performing arts community, or a school, a group home, retired living center, place of worship or health care service provider, contact us at to find out how you and your organization can be involved.

We also invite corporations, local businesses, cafes, restaurants, the media or any members of the community to find out how to support this community outreach program.

Sponsorship Opportunities include:  

Ticket Sponsor

Event Sponsor

Discussion Group Sponsor

Art Up! Signature Season Sponsor

Community Benefits:

Generates interest in and access to the performing arts by the general public
Opens opportunity for performing artists to volunteer in their community
Builds relationships between community groups and the performing arts community

Provides an opportunity for publicity for theaters, and performing arts groups

Supports curriculum for schools teaching humanities, history and literature
Enhances public pride in the community

For more information contact us at:

Art For People - Community Outreach
914 Quincy St. NW
Washington, DC
Tel/Fax: 202-350-9002