Why Art For People ?

It is disheartening to see artists herded through classes and training like products on an assembly line, with no concern for the complete development of the artists' potential, either physically or spiritually. It is rare to see artists valued for what they contribute to society. More often we see artists and their art looked at as a commodity, to be bought and sold, and to profit from economically, not humanistically.

Art For People asks these questions: How can art improve our lives? How does art promote understanding? How will being an active part of the artistic community make a difference for me? For society?

Most of us don't even imagine we can get in touch with our "inner artist". Art promotes understanding among people of various backgrounds and cultures. Too often performing art -- with all its potential to touch and enlighten us -- is created and displayed as something separate and distant, to be viewed, but not participated in. We know that lessons taught are not absorbed in the same way as lessons lived. If all of us can feel the poignancy of great performance when we watch as an audience, how much greater will be the enlightenment when performing art is a shared experience.

If we incorporate art into the simple functions of our day-to-day lives we can have even more impact.

Our students and artists at every level will be supported, trained and developed with these goals as their principles, and the art we create -- in theaters, arenas, halls and auditoriums, schools, hospitals, places of worship and homes -- will truly contribute to the improved quality of our lives and our communities.