The Epilogue

When the train stopped, at the end of the line, it was just a small station, and the conductor told them this was their stop. Hanging on the station wall was a sign. It wasn't the place that Alexander or Alissa or Ferdinand or Paloma had planned to reach as they started their journeys. But as they disembarked they were all quite sure that this was the place where they were supposed to have arrived. The sign on the wall said Art For People, and as they walked out to the front of the station, they were at a crossroads. There were signs there, pointing out the paths, and they said: Compassion, Tolerance, Understanding, Truth, and Faith.

And so their futures in a place called Art For People began...

Alissa - means truth, and through facing the truth about herself, she discovers the true ability to give

Alexander - means helper and defender of mankind, and by coming to terms with how to express needs and receive with grace, he becomes selfless instead of selfish

Ferdinand - means world-daring, life-adventuring, and by seeing himself through the eyes of a pure soul, frees himself to experience the world with faith

Paloma - means dove, or to seek peace, and by learning what one can miss by staying too grounded, she understands that tolerance and diversity are things one must actively seek out